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  • saved me hours of thankless work in searching for venues online. Their extensive database helped me either secure gigs or make contacts with various industry types – from coffee shops and dive bars to large-scale venues all across the US. A huge help for the indie artist looking to book a tour!
    Kelcy Mae
  • We got our booking scheduled, 10 tour dates at venues with supportive, efficient promoters and at music venues with built-in crowds. They have connections with the places you want to play.
    The Devyl Nellys
  • You guys are killer. I just used you for the first time while booking my next CA tour in April. In less than a week and I've got the rest of my CA tour booked solid. That's 4 additional shows added in less than a week. And I got a total of 16 email replies. Normally that kind of thing takes me weeks of tracking down emails, getting past gatekeepers and fighting to get responses. Thank you so much! It was worth every penny.
    Daniel Whittington
  • I have used many different resources to book gigs over the past year and I landed a gig the first time I used It was very quick and easy! They personalize every email for me. I have become very busy over the past year, and has allowed me to get my name out to all kinds of venues!
    Josh London